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Unlimited parallel sessions with adaptive bitrate streaming

server-controlled, adaptive bitrates for every reception situation
client-optimised codec detection
High Quality Playout: approx. HE-AAC 135kbit/s to approx. 48kbit/s VBR 5-1
Autodetection for MP3-only devices: MP3 128kbit/s CBR
Optional: HLS
Besides HTTPS maximal compatibility with HTTP 1.0/1.1 protocol
High Speed Connect

Dispersed playout and needs-based load distribution

Scalable distribution of listeners over playout servers in Europe
Resource distribution of playout servers over multiple computer centers

Maximal hold of listeners

Holding of listeners in case of missing studio-side transmission
Fully automatic substitute broadcast in case of failure of server-side transmission
Platform-local emergency playout in case of mssing signal transmission

Easy URL management

Creation of uniform stream URLs (one URL for all listeners)
Control of output formats by means of URL parameters

Own domain

Usage of own domain in the stream URL
Usage of own SSL certificate

Timeshift, stream recording

Listener-individual playout of past content
Jump-to-start of audio elements


Individualisation of the stream by means of skipping


Single-source technology​ for continual high-quality audiostreams

MP3 up to 320 kbit/s

Customisation to individual reception formats, e.g.


Platform-side transcoding to all necessary output formats and quality levels

HE-AAC 135 up to 48 kbit/s VBR 5-1
MP3 128kbit/s CBR
HLS in five quality levels

Backwards compatibility to Icecast

Metadata transmission

Metadata updates via http request
Icecast-compatible handover of title, artist

Customisation of metadata transmission to individual APIs

Pickup or reception of advanced metadata through customer-individual APIs
Enrichment of metadata by means of additional DMPs

Fully automated monitoring of studio-side transmission

Forced reconnection of transmission in case of studio-side encoding error
Automated substitute broadcast in case of platform-side encoding anomalies
Automated switching in case of encoding error

Redundant supply of studio-side transmission


Failure safety

Redundant encoders distributed over computer centers

Encoding spread over computer centers
Redundant connection through direct fibre optic ring
Automatic handover of encoder instances

Redundant back-end spread out over computer centers

All playout-relevant back-end servers run redundantly

Redundant playout spread out over computer centers

Load-based distribution of listeners over playout servers
Distribution of playout servers over multiple computer centers
Unlimited scalable resources and scalability within Europe

Percentual annual availability


Data logging

Social & private login

Live content log with individual real-time delays

HTTP referrer

all HTTP request headers

Aggregator tracking

Client tracking

GeoIP-based position acquisition

GPS-based position acquisition

User recognition

Content logging



Source monitoring

Silent detection


streaMonkey Live Dashboard | Essential

Session-specific live overviews


streaMonkey Live Dashboard | Professional

+ Cashboard for advertiser insights

+ Programm board für listener insights

+ Tech board für tech insights

Customer-side individualisation


Dashboard | Reach Dashboard for Marketers

Daily data processing

ma-compatible processing of database

Focus of analysis on marketing-relevant session (> 60 seconds) for parameters øTSL, øSession Peak, TLH, Reach

Increase in performance of active sessions

Evaluations of different parameter layers
øActive sessionsa day as basis for timely performance changes during the course of the day
Comparison of individual channels in the portfolio
Comparison of broadcast performance of a channel's flexible days with one another
Average performance over the course of the entire day

Development of all standard values over time

aggregated according to single channel, channel groups or complete portfolio, respectively

Performance analysis

by marketable geographical elements
by aggregates

Flexible representations (visual, graphical oder tabular)

Tabular analysis

Relevance of channel in overall portfolio
By flexible time periods
Flexible sorting
mathematically meaningful information on interpretation of parameters (percentages, differences, etc.)

Ad Server Connection

Integration of any marketers

Complete compatiblity with the VAST standard
Integration of VAST-compatible ad server incl. AdsWizz
Support of VAST 4 and VAST 2

Keying in of spots

Keying in of preroll spots
Own capping of preroll spots
Keying in of in-stream spots in inject and replace patterns
Triggering of advertisements via server-side beep recognition
Beep recognition Simple (simple recognition)
Beep recognition Advanced (adjustable frequencies and limit level)
Synchro banners for players


Completely independent, cloud-based playout

Expansion of streaming functionalities with a cloud-based playout system
Completely independent 24/7 playout in the cloud

24/7 cloud playout

Import of own music schedule (e.g. MusicMaster)
Fully automatic encoding of imported music schedule
Professional fading of separate audio elements

Studio in the cloud

Web frontend for channel administration and coordination of broadcast sequence
Administration of separate channel content, weekly, daily, and hourly scheduling
Overview of scheduled audio elements and corresponding music scheduling
Pre-listening of scheduled program elements
Logging of played-out program elements and platform-side playing times

Static 24/7 playout

Playout of automatically generated playlist based on the imported broadcast schedule
Use of platform-side features for ad integration
Playout-internal handover of metadata to the streaming platform

Onboarding und Set Up (Remote)


Setting-up of mount points

Optimisation of metadata

Aggregator relocation/set-up


Monthly platform services

Aggregator management

Platform analysis/optimisation



Email support (weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm)

Telephone support (weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm)

Email & telephone support (24/7)


Streaming Workshop

Showing of possbilities in streaming, working out reach business and models for the channel and/or channel groups

On request

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