Full Control Audio Business

streaMonkey is the production and distribution platform for the audio industry and gives audio publishers full control over streaming, monetisation, content production, analysis and data. All in one system.

streaMonkey | HD-Efficiency-Plattform

Best sound.
Most stable connection.

No matter if stationary or mobile. Everything with just one platform.

The HD Efficiency Platform was developed to deliver the perfect listening experience to users, be it for simulcast programs, content channels or podcasts. No matter if live or on demand. With the highest connection compatibility and the handover of all technical processes to streaMonkey, the publisher can concentrate on what really matters – his content!

On the way from the publisher to the listener’s ear the completely newly developed server technology ensures the best sound quality and highest connection stability. And because audio is only at the beginning digitally, the HD Efficiency Platform grows with its tasks and especially with the ideas of its shapers.

streaMonkey | Controls

Full control ahead!

With dashboards that show where it’s at.

streaMonkey was developed to improve programs and marketing with data. streaMonkey Controls processes this data in dashboards and makes it available, as both live and historic data, for every type of question. With the advantage of a central system complicated interfaces become superfluous and evaluation becomes child’s play. In the dashboards streaMonkey combines phenomenal data quality with advanced analysis options.

And that‘s not all: With data comes new insights, which in turn lead to new ideas. In this way streaMonkey literally grows with its tasks, as do the dashboards.

streaMonkey | Studios

Where the music is.

Create something new with xStream.

Audio publishers live on the loyalty of their listeners and mostly also on the provision of advertisements on their streams. streaMonkey supports publishers in making content available either linearly or programatically, thus offering a playout system for it, completely without changing any tried and tested processes. By focussing on the essentials, xStream makes sure of providing phenomenal sound quality, studio-like transitions and the flexibility of being in control of everything.

And why leave on a high note? xStream is continuing to grow and connect publishers‘ content to the flexibility of digital program design.

streaMonkey | Connects

Deeply connected.

With interfaces that fit.

streaMonkey was developed from the ground up for the advancement of digital audio business models. The platform hereby adopts the central task of assembling content from different sources to an individual stream. Whether linear simulcast program or dynamic content stream. streaMonkey connects your playout system and supports you with solutions and interfaces.

No matter if ad or programmatic server, content database or cloud playout system. streaMonkey controls the relevant data exchange for every publisher. This way the publisher always has the last word over what happens on his streams, without losing track of anything. At the same time streaMonkey is open to new things and actively supports publishers and advertisers in finding the best individual solution.

streaMonkey | Services

Better together.

Our partnership for your audio business.

The audio world is colorful and diverse. Connection to the digital world is often a challenge. The streaMonkey team supports publishers in connecting their existing systems, coming up with new ideas, using standards efficiently and setting up systems optimally within an onboarding framework.

Furthermore we help with understanding the findings from collected data and with optimising the streaming portfolio over time. All of this is done with the constant goals of providing every listener with the best listening experience, bettering monetization and making full control of the streams possible for the publisher.

Your team for undreamt-of possibilities

Let the others stream whilst you build your audio future with us.

Our deep passion for audio and radio unites us.

Many years of experience in broadcasting, programming and audio marketing forms our basis.

We’re dying to realize all of these undreamt-of possibilities for developing audio into the future. Preferably with you.

Are you ready for a partnership with undreamt-of possibilities?

As unique as your goals

Our feature packages

Local station, national player or international network – streaMonkey has the appropriate package for every form of successful audio business models.

5 Good Reasons to Start Thinking about Your Audio Inventory with streaMonkey

We make radio and audio content successful. By means of content that is tailored to each individual listener.

We don’t transform old systems. We create something completely new. For a secure foundation that guarantees the further success of radio. Because we believe in the future of this medium that we love so much.

We think independently of conceptional and technical limitations. Old tools stay tucked away in the drawer. streaMonkey is the audio business multitool that doesn’t remind you of anything you’ve used before.

streaMonkey is based on new technological advancements that are as fascinating as they are complex.

Even still, everything stays simple for you, the audio creator.

  • Best sound
  • Most stable connection quality

These are people that love radio. We’ve been working in the media, radio and audio business for a very long time.

  • Broadcasting, studio, transmission and broadcasting operation technicians
  • Front and back end developers
  • Cloud and database specialists
  • Data, marketing and analysis professionals
  • Business area developers
  • Programming and editing professionals
  • Audio architects

Each of us with long-time industry experience and in permanent proximity to the big players of the sector.

100% Made in Germany

No emergency solutions. No compromises. Maximized effect.

streaMonkey doesn’t upgrade old systems. In so doing we reduce the creation of laborious and susceptible interfaces to a minimum.

This results in simple-to-use processes and the safe feeling of being able to rely on a tried and tested system.

We don’t determine the future development of this system alone. But we are proficient in all of its possibilities. streaMonkey changes your goals into a living, breathing solution.

Revolution by means of evolution.

Become more familiar with your audio inventory. So that you better manage it yourself, independently and, above all, easily. Offer your listeners that which makes them stay tuned.

  • HD audio
  • A stable connection even under the most difficult circumstances

For fewer breaks in connection, more contented listeners, higher usage and therefore further reach.

Utilize more precisely addressable in-stream campaigns. Completely without a volume limit.

Manage programme content to the second and generate it in the simplest way possible. Completely independent of the device used.

Publish your content without a complete studio setting and the infrastructure needed to do it.

Bind your listeners more easily by integrating social logins.

The toolset for everyone who wants to transform fantasies of revenue models from digital audio content into successful business models.

Deep connections.